Art Work

For fun I like to break out the good ole brush and canvas or charcoal and paper and let my creative side explore art in a more traditional setting. I have been lucky enough to sell a few works and have a few items published over the years.

A few favorites:

Inquiries for commissions or print purchases can be facilitated through the Contact page.


If you have ever struggled at the art of defining, developing and dedicating energy to the things that are most important to you — then this book is for you.

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This book and its complementary workbook are intended to be a short, but powerful, resource to coach and equip you to solidly construct your most meaningful goals and then to help you see more of your goals being supported by real action and real accomplishment. It will also take you, with your cooperation, from simply dreaming about the things that you want and need to achieve to actually doing something about it. Everyone has hopes and dreams, yet few people establish and accomplish the goals necessary to actually achieve their most meaningful pursuits. But, you can with the right tools and support. You can build a better future and I want to help you.” – Ken McGarity

By completing this book and its complementary workbook you will be equipped to:

  • Identify and clarify your personal strengths, roles, passions and key areas of importance.
  • Prioritize your objectives based on value, need and level of overarching impact.
  • Formulate an incremental and intentional action map towards your objectives.
  • Attack your S.M.A.R.T. action steps with a well crafted playbook of decisive strategies.
  • Commit to the process for the long haul and see impactful results.